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How MICs Work
A Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) is a fund that pools investors' money to provide private mortgages, increasing capital flow for real estate lending and offering investors a chance to engage in the residential real estate market with less risk and effort.

By purchasing shares in a MIC, investors earn dividends from a diversified and secure mortgage pool, providing an alternative fixed-income investment.

While direct mortgage investments might offer higher returns, they come with greater risk and require more involvement. A MIC simplifies this process, reducing the risk and capital required for individuals to invest in private mortgages.
10% Approximate Annual Return
Paid out through monthly dividends
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150+ Years Of Experience
Combined mortgage industry experience
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Reinvest & Grow
Reinvest dividends with our DRIP plan
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How OSMMIC Works
Meet with FrontFundr to assess investment suitability
If the investment is a fit, the investor buys shares
The MIC allocates pooled funds for mortgages
The MIC generates income from mortgage interest
Investors can either withdraw or reinvest their returns
Income minus expenses is paid as dividends to investors

What is a Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC)?

A Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) is a type of investment and lending company in Canada that pools capital from investors to provide mortgages to borrowers. MICs invest in mortgage loans, offering investors a way to participate in the real estate market without directly buying property.

What kind of returns can I expect from investing in the OSMMIC?

OSMMIC is targeting a return of +10% for its investors.  Although a management fee of up to 2% can be charged, we are currently focused on growing the fund and maximizing our investors returns. The returns are supported by high-interest rates on 1st mortgages and penalties from borrowers, with potential for further increase through strategic leveraging and portfolio management.

Are OSMMIC investments secure?

OSMMIC investments are secure, offering a product that provides desired returns through conservative mortgages at low loan-to-value ratios, primarily backed by residential real estate in British Columbia. Our extensive experience in private lending and underwriting further ensures the safety and reliability of your investment.

Can I invest in the OSMMIC through my RRSP or TFSA?

Please book a private consultation to learn more here.

How is the interest from the OSMMIC investments taxed?

The Income Tax Act requires that 100% of a MIC’s annual net income, be distributed to its shareholders, in the form of a dividend. This dividend is taxed as interest income. You will be provided with a T5 at the end of February each year.

How is the risk managed in the OSMMIC?

OSM Mortgage Investment Corporation (OSMMIC) is managed through investing in conservative mortgages at low loan-to-value ratios, primarily secured by residential real estate in British Columbia. This approach, coupled with the diversification of pooled mortgage assets and the expertise of a seasoned management team from One Stop Mortgage Corp., helps mitigate risk and ensure the security of investments.

What is the minimum investment required for OSMMIC?

The minimum investment amount required to participate in OSM Mortgage Investment Corporation (OSMMIC) is set at $100,000. This threshold is part of OSMMIC's first offering aimed at securing a diversified portfolio of mortgages, allowing investors to share in the returns generated from this pool of assets.

MIC Advantages & Risk Mitigation
A carefully curated collection of primarily residential mortgages in BC's thriving urban areas.
We focus on secure, high-return opportunities, maximizing your investment potential.
Risk Mitigation
Focused Lending Areas: We specialize in the stable, growing and liquid markets of BC’s major urban areas.

Strategic Loan-to-Value Ratios: Our LTVs are carefully calibrated to balance return and risk.

Approved Appraiser Network: All properties are appraised by qualified, internally approved professionals.

Robust Mortgage Security: Legal counsel meticulously prepares and reviews all mortgage securities.
Real Estate Security: Each mortgage is backed by tangible real estate.

Stable Cash Flow: Consistent income streams from diversified mortgage investments.

Diversified Portfolio: Investors gain from a varied range of mortgage assets.

Superior Returns: Our offerings typically outperform traditional investment products.
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